21 Sep 2018

Statistics have shown for some time that women are generally the largest fanbase for true crime (at least in the U.S.).

I have my own theories as to why I am obsessed with the genre myself (I grew up in a household of prosecutors, as a woman I am constantly worried abou...

Photo Credit: GotCredit for Flickr 

There is nothing we love more than woman or non-binary created podcasts.

It is not news that nearly all advice columnists (at least in the English-speaking community) are women or non-men; we tend to give the best advice, do we not?


6 Sep 2018

As the summer draws to a close and the franticness of daily life restarts, we are already nostalgic for the days of reading on the beach.  

This summer, I challenged myself to only read books written by women, and to buy the books when possible. I was on a mission to bo...

1 Sep 2018

You hear a lot about taking care of your physical health, but what about how to maintain sexual health?

One woman is working to educate on just this topic. Meika Hollender founded Sustain, a company that is questioning both the physical and environmental health impact o...

28 Aug 2018

Have yet to find your song of the summer?

We have listened to all of the top, new tracks from women and femme artists over the past few months. Here is our comprehensive lists of tracks to get you through the last week of warm weather.

"Stay Down" by boygenius

Boygenius i...

24 Aug 2018

Credit: Deviant Art

History has traditionally told by the old, the straight, the white, the men.

For those of us who want to hear about the other side of history, but do not have the time or inclination to go back to school, there are some amazing podcasts out there for...

20 Aug 2018

There is finally a place to find all of your favorite, feminist fashion pieces!

Bulletin, an online shop featuring female-led brands, has expanded into the real world with the opening of three physical shops in New York City, including a flagship location in Union Squar...

16 Aug 2018

Caroline Bernstein and Nicole Hartley are two opinionated college students with a new feminist clothing line.

This Summer, the girls launched OPINIONATED Clothing, an online store with a mission.

The clothes are not just cool, they are charitable. Each month, the girls c...

13 Aug 2018

The new trend of living waste-free that has emerged in the last few years seems idealistic for most, but for those who menstruate, it can feel pretty much impossible.

Traditional period products, like pads and tampons, cannot be recycled or flushed. Even tampon applicat...

31 Jul 2018

Have you ever wondered what was in your tampons?

I know I never have, until I heard about organic period products and reusable pads — then I took a look at my tampon box. There was no ingredient list, or anything definitive about what the product contained beyond cotton...

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