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Favorite podcasts by women, chapter two: advice columns

Photo Credit: GotCredit for Flickr

There is nothing we love more than woman or non-binary created podcasts.

It is not news that nearly all advice columnists (at least in the English-speaking community) are women or non-men; we tend to give the best advice, do we not?

Whether you are dealing with work or relationship issues or just want to hear about other people’s problems, these podcasts go great with a cup of tea or a long commute.


If you could not tell from the title, Alison Green’s podcast “Ask a Manager” offers dependable advice on any and all workplace encounters. Even if you are not currently out there in the land of cubicles, Alison gets some of the most bizarre questions, so this show is full of entertainment. For more work advice, you can check out her blog backlog here.


OG Tumblr or Hello Giggles fans will know Molly McAleer already, but for someone like me, she was a new revelation. A feminist writer and entertainer currently based in Los Angeles, Molly and her guest-of-the-week answer questions from her podcast community of #mollsarmy. The podcast is currently on hiatus, but if this is a new one for you, there is an immense backlog of evergreen content to sift through on iTunes.


Han, who is non-binary, and their husband Matt created a podcast with a hilarious tagline: call out advice columnists on their bad advice, and then fix it. These two (and their two cats) collate their favorite submissions to Dear Prudence, Ask a Manager, Ask Amy, Captain Awkward, A Practical Wedding, and dozens more and offer advice with an inclusive, feminist twist. It helps that neither of them are afraid to dig into their personal lives, even dedicating a few episodes drawing on their experiences in polyamory, for example.


Celine Aenlle-Rocha is a writer from Miami and Los Angeles, residing in Harlem, New York City. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Fiction Writing at Columbia University. Her writing addresses the intersectionality of race, womanhood, and other identities, seeking to redefine our history and address the future with open minds. Follow her on Instagram.

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