Historically, the creative work of womxn has been underrepresented and under-appreciated. Often times womxn could not even be credited for their artistic work as that was thought to be unacceptable. Have you ever read a book or seen a painting from an earlier time in history that was attributed to "Anonymous?" Well, in the words of Virginia Woolf, "For most of history, Anonymous was a woman."

Started in 2016 at New York University through a grant intended to build community spaces, we at The Rational Creature are a team of creative individuals working against this long, biased history to find and create work that explores the fight for feminist issues, promotes messages of intersectionality, and strives toward overall gender, racial, and sexual equality for all. We now publish writing and visual arts from all over the world with a focus on womxn creators.


We publish biannual journals to showcase work exploring issues regarding gender politics and expression. From essays to photo series, documentaries to artwork, we are open to all forms and individuals whose artistic goals are the same as ours. 

In addition to our publications, we have held a number of other events and have worked with organizations such as Planned Parenthood and New Sanctuary Coalition to raise funds for causes with similar principals to ours. Plus, we host killer launch parties to celebrate each and every volume published!


Visiting this website is the first step! What we do is possible through the support of others. Every bit of funding to support this project is raised by our team. Please consider supporting us by purchasing something in our shop  or by attending an upcoming event.

Any other questions/ideas and open positions on our team can be found here.


C​ían Ford

Prose Editor

Originally from the Chicago suburbs, Cían is an NYU senior studying Journalism, Linguistics, and Gender and Sexuality Studies. They hope to bring visibility to queer issues and narratives through their writing and research on queer language and communities. Along with writing, they enjoy cooking, playing guitar, and long hikes with their dog, Mia.

Maria Santa Poggi

Assistant Editor

Maria Santa Poggi is a current senior at Marymount Manhattan College. Her poetry has been published in The Carson Review, Trnsfr Sip Cup, Maudlin House, and OxMag. Her essays have been published in Bridge Eight Press, The Roadrunner Review, and Maudlin House. She has interned at A Public Space. She enjoys poetry, nature walks, social activism, and is a native Michigander.

Mary Oliver

Social Media Director

Mary Isabella Oliver is a student, writer, translator, content creator, and tutor living in New York City.  She is currently pursuing a BA in Spanish Language from New York University with minors in Creative Writing and Film.

Rachel A.G. Gilman


Rachel's work has been published online and in print throughout the US, UK, and Australia. In addition to The Rational Creature, she is a columnist for No Contact and was Editor-in-Chief for Columbia Journal, Issue 58. She holds an MFA in Writing, Nonfiction from Columbia University and is reading for an MSt from the University of Oxford. She works in publishing and is writing a collection of autofiction pieces about boys she never quite dated.

Emma Ragusa

Managing Print Editor

Emma is the Managing Print Editor for The Rational Creature. She is a senior at NYU majoring in English literature with a minor in child and adolescent mental health studies.

Hannah Calistri

Poetry Editor

Hannah is a Senior Anthropology student at NYU with a minor in Creative Writing. She's graduating in the spring and doesn't know what's next, but she's figuring it out.

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