19 Oct 2018

A few nights ago, I was walking home and a man pretended to recognize me.

I did not really hear him over the sound of the music blaring in my headphones, my attempt at dissuading people from talking to me, but I saw him looking at me and his mouth moving, so I took out...

1 Oct 2018

My mother never lived on her own.

She never got her Bachelor’s degree. She graduated with an Associate’s then married my father at the age of 21, just old enough to drink at her own wedding. My grandmother never lived on her own either. It is a fact she laments now that...

10 Sep 2018

Writer Amanda Morris competing in her first sprint triathlon

There is a running trail two miles out from my cookie-cutter house with the red door in Farmington, Connecticut.

It stretches for miles, flanked by picturesque wooden fences and shaded by a canopy of trees. On...

18 Aug 2018

What is a feminist supposed to look like? How is a feminist supposed to act?

I recently finished reading Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, which concludes with a so-called “bad feminist manifesto”. In her manifesto, Gay dissects myths about what feminists are supposed to be —...

1 Aug 2018

I was so excited to move from Queens into my New York University dorm on tenth street.

I often visited the city for family excursions or girlfriend brunches, but that was the extent to which I knew Manhattan. I was eager to learn more about it, and not just see the magi...

30 Jul 2018

It was mid-July in New York, and I was still on the job hunt.

After plodding through multiple boroughs and interviews in a withering heatwave, the blazer I had borrowed from Mom was bordering on pungent. My self pep talks, meanwhile, were losing steam; I had gone from b...

20 Jul 2018

“I can say this now that you’re with someone else,” said a friend of mine to me recently, as we ate noodles together on an unseasonably warm winter Friday in February.

“You were out of his league, yes, but I think his attraction to you was actually mitigated by your eth...

17 Jul 2018

What comes to mind when you hear the words “sexual assault” or “rape?”

Probably something violent or dramatized, paralleling what we see in the movies or on the news. But in reality it is not always this extreme. For me it certainly was not. But does that make my experi...

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