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For our upcoming next issue, we are seeking work that reflects on the period in a person's life as they transition from childhood and become an adult. What does this moment look like to you—a loss of innocence, discovering something about sexuality, a different kind of challenge faced, or something else entirely? How does the experience differ across time, place, and gender identities? Why is there so much fascination of and art inspired by it? We are asking potential contributors to consider these questions as they reach back into the sometimes funny, embarrassing, and strange vault of teenage years to help us curate a thoughtful and thought-provoking issue on the topic.


 Here's what we're looking for... 


Ideas for in depth journalist pieces, photo series, mini docs, or a combination thereof, so long as they fit our theme for the volume. We will reach out if interested in pursuing further.


Up to five images in a series. Must be in JPEG or PNG format. Please send a short paragraph explaining the series, as well. Individual photos no longer accepted.


YouTube links or shared on Google Drive. Must also have a JPEG or PNG still and an artist statement on the piece to accompany.

Prose + Poetry

Short story, poems, and personal essays under 2,500 words. Submitted in the body of the email or as a Google Doc attachment (no PDFs, please!).


A single piece per submission entry (i.e. one painting, sculpture, etc.) photographed in high-quality JPEG or PNG format. Artist statement on piece required, as well.


Original songs in MP3 or WAVE format. You must submit the lyrics and an artist statement with the track. Soundcloud and Spotify links also acceptable.

 Here is how to submit... 

1:  Pay the submission fee (link here).

2:  Wait for a confirmation of payment email from

3:  Respond to the confirmation email by attaching your submission.

have questions/concerns? feel free to contact us

 Volume 7 Submissions will be accepted until 15 June! 

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