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The Rational Creature Volume 4

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Volume 4 of The Rational Creature brings you the biggest and most diverse content yet, exploring the theme of "Generations" across 88 full-color pages with contributors from four countries and eight U.S. states. 8.5" W x 11" L. Printed on recycled paper.

Contributors include...

  • NYFA and Guggenheim Fellowship-winning artist Jocelyn Lee
  • Nyamad Biel and Istarlin Abdi Halane from Kakuma Refugee Camp
  • Students from NYU, Columbia University, University of Oxford, Northwestern University, University of Michigan, and more!

Editor-in-Chief: Rachel A.G. Gilman

Creative Director: Amanda Choy

Cover Concept: Amanda Choy and Sonya Mezhericher

All Contributors: Bethany Allard, Nyamad Biel, Hannah Calistri, Elaine Cao, Amanda Choy, Meaghan Elderkin, Emily Figueroa, Rachel A.G. Gilman, Emma Ginader, Istarlin Abdi Halane, Grace Halvorson, Charlotte Hutzler, Caroline King, Elisabeth Ligonnet Lam, Jocelyn Lee, Gia LoScalzo, Sonya Mezhericher, Rachael McCune, Amanda Morris, Jennimai Nguyen, Emma Ragusa, Eli Rallo, Agostina Valle Saggio, Sarah "Sam" Saltiel, Ezra W. Smith, Maeghan Suzik, Chandler Austin Wald, Sarah White

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