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The Rational Creature, Volume 3

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Big, bold, and beautiful: three words to describe Volume 3 of The Rational Creature. The last NYU-exclusive contributor list, all of the work is fresh and braver than ever at the publication's first year anniversary. 80-full color pages. 8.5" W x 11" L. Printed on recycled paper.

Contributors include...

  • Erotic model and photographer Samantha Prasophtum
  • Melissa McDonald, multimedia artist
  • African singer/songwriter Magana Mgaiza

Editor-in-Chief: Rachel A.G. Gilman

Creative Director: Stasia de Tilly-Blaru

Cover Photography: Samantha Preasophtum

Cover Artwork: Rhea Creado

All Contributors: Alexa Brady, Amanda Choy, Anastasia Foley. Angelica Colino, Bella Grace Harris, Bethany Allard, Bethany Sattur, Carolyn Ford, Christina Manubag, Corinne Chubb Worthington, Elisabeth Marie Ligonnet, Elise LeMassena, Elizabeth Scout Zabinski, Emma Ragusa, Gabrielle Aku, Grace Halvorson, Hannah Calistri, Jenzia Burgos, Joy Yang, Julia Moses, Madeline Goddard, Magana Ngazia, Marley Kinser, Mary Oliver, Meg Oppenheim, Melissa McDonald, Monica Mulhall, Paola Songour, Rachel A.G. Gilman, Rhea Creado, Samantha Prasophtum, Shawn Steinig, Sonya Mezhericher, Stasia de Tilly-Blaru

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