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The Rational Creature, Volume 2

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Volume 2 of The Rational Creature reflects on one year of a Trump presidency, and the reaction of those marginalized voices during this time. Features 80 full-color pages on brand new content from NYU students. 8.5" W x 11" L. Printed on recycled paper.

Contributors include...

  • Videography Editor Emily Figueroa
  • Lindsey Miller, owner of Otherways Music
  • Femme queer poet Donna Gary

Editor-in-Chief: Rachel A.G. Gilman

Creative Director: Stasia de Tilly-Blaru

Cover Concept: Rachel A.G. Gilman

Cover Photography: Grace Halvorson

Cover Artwork: Rhea Creado

All Contributors: Gabrielle Aku, Bethany Allard, DaNai Black, Sydney Brinker, Zahra Budhwani, Hannah Calistri, Cooper Carrington, Rhea Creado, Emily Figueroa, Donna Gary, Rachel A.G. Gilman, Madeline Goddard, Grace Halvorson, Bella Harris, Natalie Harris, Emma Indelicato, Elise LeMassena, Jasmine Lucy, Sarah Lutzky, Sonya Mezhericher, Lindsey Miller, Jeannie Morgenstern, Amanda Morris, Tife Oluwo, Isabel Pastore, Teagan Rabuano, Emma Ragusa, Amber Salik, Bethany Sattur, Kate Tell, Sarah White, Jacqueline Yang, Elizabeth Soyoung Yun, Virginia Zhang

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