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Five Women-Led Businesses You Should be Supporting Right Now

Nothing is sexier than women in power, but the sad truth is that not many women are given the power with which men are born.

Some may say that before Beyoncé’s “Run the World (Girls)” there was no doubt that men ran the world with the help of their influential and sometimes pompous CEO job descriptions. Living in corporate America requires us to acknowledge the force that companies have in our society, but it should also require us to acknowledge that not many women are the CEO’s of companies or build a business from the ground up. As of 2017, About six-percent of Fortune 500 companies are headed by women. From a small business standpoint, 100% of the eleven million women-owned businesses only receive three-percent of venture capital funding and loans.

This is why it is important to support small women-led businesses and keep them on track for success. Check out the five women-led businesses below next time you require one these services, feel like supporting your fellow females, or are simply internet surfing.


My Lit Box, founded by Sanura Williams, is the perfect site to check out if you are a literary lover. Sanura turned her passion for overlooked literature written by authors of color into a subscription box of some of the best books out there. Her subscription box celebrates people of color and garners a community of diverse readers.


Rachel Talbott founded Pacific Thyme, an online store which curates some of the most unique home décor, self-care, and quirky fashion items. She uses her love for nature, and one-of-a-kind pieces to aid her in putting together the items for the shop. Her simple and natural philosophy of life radiates through the earth inspired colors of her site and pieces. This is the perfect online store to browse for anyone who is on the market looking to buy cruelty-free products packed with quality.


Block Shop founded by sisters Hopie and Lily Stockman is a textile company that is 100% handmade. The pieces featured on the site are a collection of vibrant scarves, pillowcases, bedding, and cloth. If that is not reason enough to support these sisters, the Block Shop invest five-percent of their yearly profits to implement new healthcare programs for women on the West Coast.


Negin Mirsalehi rejected an $800,000 contract signing her to be the face of a hair company to instead embark on her own journey of running a business. Mirsalehi invested to create her own hair care line named Gisou. Gisou is dedicated to producing high-quality products made from bee honey. As a third-generation beekeeper Mirsalehi took major initiative to start a company that is founded on the principles of the power of nature.


Pack-Up+ Go, created by Lillian Rafson, is the site to use if you like adventure. Rafson came across the idea of a surprise travel agency while traveling around Europe. Her company plans out three-day trips, but the catch is you do not know your location until you arrive to it. An enclosed envelope contains all the information you will need for your trip, so you do not need to do any prior research. Everything is planned out from A to Z such as the suggested clothes for the weather of your secret location and recommended spots to visit.


Alexa Brady is a rising sophomore at NYU studying Journalism, Media, Cultures, & Communication.​

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