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Early Fall Playlist

It is finally fall.

The leaves are going to change, the weather will return to being bearable, and we all need music to listen to on our way to school and work. I am notorious for being an absent minded New Yorker, wandering through the streets with music blasting, bobbing my head and getting strange looks in Trader Joe’s.

While I do not recommend getting lost in music while navigating city streets, I do have some song recommendations for this fall season. Some of these songs are new, others are just some favorites, but they are all by really talented women and definitely worth a listen!


"Human" | Dodie

Dodie Clark, or dodie, has been making music on Youtube since 2011 and she is now a professional musician with some of the most heartbreakingly beautiful songs ever written. Her newest EP is titled Human and the first single is the song by that same name. "Human", like a lot of dodie’s songs, has a lyrical strength that reminds me of musical theatre, but the accompaniment of an indie ballad. The song is pretty and eerie at the same time, and has me very excited for her new EP.


"Body Count" | Jessie Reyez

Jessie Reyez is another up and coming artist with a unique voice and songs with a message. Her song "Body Count" is an anti slut-shaming anthem, with witty lyrics and an underlying commentary on sexual politics. The music video is also definitely worth a watch, as she portrays a witch about to be burnt at the stake, furthering her commentary on what it means to be a sexually liberated woman. Be sure to check out her newest music, as she also seems to be working on an album.


"Lovers" | Anna Of The North

Anna Of The North is a Norwegian singer-songwriter who simply makes good, interesting pop music. I discovered this particular song after watching To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix. The song plays at a pivotal moment for the two teens in the film, and is simply a delightful song about letting go and showing a little love. Definitely keep an eye out for Anna Of The North.


"Searching for You" | Joy Autumn

Joy Autumn is an LA based artist who just released an incredible EP titled Midnight. Her single "Searching for You" is a beautifully melancholy indie-pop song about feeling lost in what she calls the “Hollywood Toomb”. The song is not only instrumentally lovely and certainly easy on the ears, it is an important commentary on the sexism that goes on in the Hollywood music scene. To read more about Joy’s EP and her thoughts on the music industry, check out the interview I did with her a few weeks back. Not only is she an incredible musician, she is also just a delight.


These are just a few of the groundbreaking female artists that are out there. Be sure to check out each of these women and their individual content, as well as follow the playlist I have linked with these songs and more to come! I will be updating it throughout the fall and looking for more special artists to recommend. Happy listening!


Emma Ragusa is a Copy Editor for The Rational Creature.​

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