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Our Next Chapter ♥︎

Dear The Rational Creature Readers,

In the year and a half that this publication has existed, our team has accomplished many things. We have published three volumes of The Rational Creature in print, which each featured inspiring written, photographic, and artistic content from women and non-binary creators. We have held events that opened discussions about important issues women face everyday solely because they are women. And, perhaps most rewarding accomplishment, we have expanded our community from a couple of friends with an idea to what is now a network of people all working toward the same mission: to elevate the voices of artists who are marginalized due to their gender identity.

The Rational Creature is no longer a college club (though we remain thankful to NYU for helping launch our platform through educational grant funding). We are now an independent publication, seeking and accepting submissions from creators around the world. We are also open to creators with all gender identities. While our pool of possibilities for our publication increases, however, our goal remains the same. We want to showcase stories and artwork that explores the constrictions and challenges presented by gender in our societies, reflecting on the evolutions that have been made from the past and questioning what work still needs to be done for the future.

This is a big task. A bi-annual publication is not enough.

I am pleased to announce the formation of The Rational Creature's online-exclusive platform today, The Blog. It is a place where you will find interviews, op-eds, short form personal essays, playlists, and other research-based writing that investigates, questions, and showcases the material that influences the artistic work we will continue to present in our print format. Not only will it mean you are getting more of the stuff you love from us already, it also allows us to introduce you to even more new writers that we admire! Be sure to follow us across our social media platforms for more digital content, as well.

All of us at The Rational Creature are very excited about beginning this next chapter in our publication and cannot wait for you to see what we have in store. Stay tuned...

Rachel A.G. Gilman


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